“Though I try to stay away from books that have anything to do with war or politics, I couldn’t help but read this book by one of my new favorite authors. I have read Nevwas Gold and Fatal Mistake. In both, he created characters that I quickly grew to love. He has done the same with this book. Ron Houch happens to be my favorite in this story. All in all, once I fell into the pages I was quickly swept away by the intensity of the situation and suspenseful action scenes. Cliff Roberts has done it again and I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to read yet another great book! I would recommend this book! Don’t miss out! Five Stars for Cliff Roberts all around!”

“Talented author Cliff Roberts has done it again! He has managed to immediately capture my attention in this political/military fictional thriller. His style of writing is very appealing to me with his no frills approach and his well-researched and true-to-life plots. At first blush, this action packed novel reads like a movie. It is extremely descriptive and I could easily envision the different scenarios taking place as they are so adeptly described.

An American Security Team is set in motion to capture a terrorist before he finds permanent sanctuary with the assistance of his Middle East cohorts. He is presently in hiding at the guest quarters of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Headquarters. The Israelis want to zero in on David Ashrawl, a well known terrorist for much the same reasons as their own…

The American Security Team is at the headquarters of the Kilaula Security Middle East Command Center. They are glued to the video screen to watch what is supposed to be a carefully orchestrated attack to capture this much wanted terrorist as the well planned maneuver unfolds. However, in no time flat, it becomes very apparent to its viewers that the attack by the Israeli team is expected and something is going terribly wrong. The lights on the roof top of the Brigade Headquarters turn on and clearly leave these soldiers wide open to a full retaliation from the Palestinian defence team. This attack is extremely brutal and effective as they pummel away with a variety of artillery at their Israeli counterparts while the American Team watch in helpless horror. Immediately, the first guess offered is that the Israelis walked into a well set trap. It is very evident that there is a possible traitor involved in the attempt on this “snatch and grab mission” of the much wanted David Ashrawl…

American involvement is now much more complicated and frustratingly complex. What was once perceived as a relatively easy mission, their work is now cut out for them as they no longer know the location of Ashrawl. On the home front, a special meeting is called at the White House to address the possibility of a nuclear strike against Israel by the Iranian religious fanatic, Ahmadinejad. However, President Sparks is not taking this threat too seriously and is foolishly more concerned about his ratings in the polls. His nemesis Steven Howard is making headway in the political arena and the President will stop short of nothing including fabricating lies to discredit him and one of his main supporters, Senator Bains. The American Security Team shifts into high gear under the secret command of now retired General “Chip” Clarett partner to Steven Howard. Then the real work begins for these well-trained soldiers and their all out effort to capture Ashrawl alive…

Author Cliff Roberts has penned one heck of an interesting and incredible story in “The Reprisal: The Gauntlet”. To quote him…”The most important part of any book isn’t the cover, or the writer’s style, or the grammar or punctuation. It’s the story! If the story doesn’t knock the socks off the readers, it doesn’t matter where the comas go!”

Yes…he is definitely true to himself and to his style of writing. I’m sure he will be “knocking the socks off” several of his readers in this series of fictional novels. In my opinion, Author Cliff Roberts is one talented author who knows his stuff and has honed his skill as he shares his story-telling abilities with his reading audience.”

 “Reprisal: The Gauntlet” by Cliff Roberts is an exciting and fast paced political thriller about terror groups in the Middle East. Agents from the US are trying to track down one of the masterminds of terrorism, Lebanese born David Ashrawl who is trying to get to a safe place somewhere in the middle East. The search does not go smoothly and suggests that there is a traitor in the team. Protecting Kileaua business interests, computer software mogul Steven Howard and his close friend General Clarett, who have set up the team hunting Ashrawl, are also forced to battle shipping terrorism at sea, adding some great maritime scenes and more international locations to the mix.

In this complex and cleverly set-up thriller corruption knows few limits. Using real and fictitious terrorism groups and politicians the author paints a dark picture of the Middle East and the world, protected by only a few good business and military men. The author shows a sound knowledge of the Middle East, its politics and key players, but also of recent world history so that the plot – although a work of fiction- often seems rather realistic.
Filled with great action scenes and excellent exploration of the group dynamics in the team this book makes for some compelling reading as our heroes are battling through a ‘gauntlet of ambushes’.

Very addictive and enjoyable.”

“When is the next one coming out? At least I hope there is more! Great story…. with the way things are in the USA, it will give you chills!”

The action was very well described. It was like being part of the team. You can feel the heat of the desert and can smell the gunpowder in the air around you.

“I was hesitant to review a book in this genre, Mystery/thriller. I’m more of a romance girl. But I’d promised to do the review so I waded in.

WOW! Was I surprised!

I was stunned by the fact that I was hooked from the very beginning. I had trouble setting it down. I found myself daydreaming about where the story would go next while I was at work. Cliff Roberts writes smart, funny, witty banter so life like you’d swear he listened in when you and your friend got together. His characters have real depth. Talking about characters. His leading man is old, handicapped, a struggling writer who just can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. His nosiness leads him into one predicament after another, as Roberts twists the story into a huge knot before magically snapping it into line for a surprise ending.

Everyone needs to read, Nevwas’s Gold. If I knew mystery/thrillers could be this much fun, I’d read one before now. Now, I’m going to read everything, Roberts writes. I give this book, Five stars.”

“Cliff Roberts is an excellent author who creates very realistic characters, who are easy to envision and connect with. He is exceptionally great at creating very vivid, excitable and suspenseful action scenes and I found my heart beating fast in several scenes. This is a great book and I hope that the author writes more books with Nate as the lead character. I absolutely love Nate, a good hearted guy that finds trouble wherever he goes, no matter what he does! And I tell you, he doesn’t start it, but he is great at finishing it! And I love the fact that he has a great friend in Mason, an ex-pro footballer turned cop with a great personality that is compatible to Nate’s. These two are strong characters that you can easily accept as real people and I love when I find myself thinking of the book after I’ve finished it. I started this book last night to get a glance and before I knew it, I was engrossed in page 253.I didn’t stop reading until my eyes started to cross. Kudos, Cliff! Five Stars all the way!

I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review.”

“Great story, great plot, believeable characters, great storyline. Cliff Roberts has made a great “detective” out of a middle-aged, disabled man. Five stars, easily!”

“Yes siree…you’ve just gotta love this guy Nate….tough as nails on the outside but a real marshmallow on the inside. As soon as I started reading “Navwas’s Gold” by talented and street-smart Author Cliff Roberts I was hooked. He writes with humor, an enjoyable hint of sarcasm, a down-to-earth quality, and a style that is very magnetic which is sure to grab the attention of those who enjoy mystery thrillers.

Ironsides comes to mind when I mentally picture Nate Navwas…a 6’5′ man weighing in at over three hundred pounds is bound to be intimidating in his own right even if he is disabled. He has the uncanny knack of being in the wrong place at right time or vice versa…which ever one works to his advantage…financial advantage that is. Fate has it in for Nate one way or the other but then…how many guys get financially rewarded for helping to solve crimes when they aren’t even trying? Nate does…and in this instance when he’s actually looking to solve a crime involving some shipwrecked gold…this latest case could pay off big time! Along with his capable sidekick Detective Mason, the two of them are like the odd couple at best or a squawking couple at worst, who apparently have a fatal attraction to each other. Either way, these two are inseparable and one of the most likeable couples you’ll ever encounter as they banter away and tease each other mercilessly while working night and day to solve the crime at hand.

Nate manages to step in “it” on a regular basis. Despite the chagrin and warning of Mason’s police Captain to stay away from Nate whom he abhors, Mason refuses to heed his advice and is stepping in “it”, along with his sidekick Nate on a regular basis as well. Mason the Detective and would-be-detective Nate… with his nose for sniffing out a crime manage to capture the attention and involve both the Mob and the Police Department. Not only that…these events provide great fodder for Nate’s fictional novel writing endeavors. But then…why stick with fiction when there is so much excitement happening in the real world? Therefore, I repeat…you just gotta love this guy Nate because he sure knows how to get into trouble with a capital T. Hey according to Nate, if you’ve got a sixth sense, you might as well use it…”no harm, no foul”!

“Navwas’s Gold” is my first encounter with Author Cliff Roberts and if I have anything to say about it, it won’t be my last!”

“Where there’s trouble to be found there will be Nate Nevwas, literally! Whether it’s stumbling into him or right around the corner. Leave it to the big old handicapped crime writer who loves his foster’s lager and cheeseburgers, to end up in the thick of trouble.

There may be a woman and daughter kidnapping, hired killers, sunken treasures worth millions, high explosives, punks that need to be put in their place and a reward to be collected. With his buddy Mason who has hands the size of man-hole covers and used to play for the Miami dolphins and is a sheriff’s deputy, they make for a wonderful team and great friends. I found the camaraderie between the two fun and at times quite comical.

Nevwas’s Gold is a wonderful read with great characters that I found myself quickly invested in and I would love to read several more adventures with Nate and Mason. The high seas action in Florida was written so well I could picture it like I was watching a movie. There are other scenes that are also creative (no more spoilers) I suggest you read Nevwas’s Gold. The ending left me immediately demanding an answer to well, I can’t say…

Thank you Cliff Roberts for great characters and a great read! I will be looking forward to many more books in this series?”

“I enjoyed reading this book and will be looking for more by Cliff Roberts Being a new resident of the Lower Keys, I enjoy stories set there.”


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